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Story Title: Fishin'
Rated: Er... (/shrugs)
Pairing: Shikamaru x Chouji
Disclaimer: Sadly, I don't own them.
Summary: Shikamaru had been told by his father to go catch some fish for dinner, but things never go the way you want them to.
Warnings: Shonen-ai

Shikamaru sighed lazily as he eyed the clear blue sky through the clean water of the river he sat before on the solid bank, a sturdy pole of cherry wood and specially made twine in hand becoming a makeshift fishing rod complete with a small lure made of iron.

Fishing, in the young Nara's mind, was not only peaceful, but extremely boring when nothing came to bite at the live bait on the end of the hook. Did fish not like live food? Did fish not like worms?! Sighing in an almost angry manner, the teen's eyes darted towards the sky (not its reflection) and was suddenly jerked forward, almost tipping into the uncharacteristically angry water as it rushed down stream from the waterfall only some odd feet away. What in the hell was going on?

Gritting his teeth, the lean male stood and began the tedious task of pulling the pole and twine out of the water with each backwards step that he took. What had he caught? When he was jerked forward again, the dark haired male decided that thinking about what he had caught was less important than actually dragging whatever it was out of the water, so he focused on his task, hoping to god that it was something edible.

Groaning at the power of the 'fish', at least, that's what he hoped it was, he gave one final mighty tug and out of the water came a fish the size of a young doe. Staring in shock, Shikamaru let a slight grin appear on his face until the said fish began to glow brightly, almost seeming to...change shape? Before the young Nara now sat a boy, a very naked boy looking no older than he was. Had - Had that fish been a magical fish?! Staring at the boy once more, he arched a brow with dark eyes opened to stare back at him.

"You're...human?" came Shikamaru's first words to the fish...boy.

Said fish boy blinked and shook his head.

"I am the protector of this lake and the river it becomes," came the boy's melodious reply. "Chouji is what I'm called."

Shikamaru ignored the heat in his cheeks as he brain continued to yell at him that this Chouji was very naked and 'being the type of boy that he was' as his dear mother always stated, made the entire situation even worse. The redhead was easy on the eyes with his wild, wet, shoulder length hair which seemed to be crimson, but dulled in color. He was...lithe in terms of body size, but maybe that came with being protector of the lake and river since fish needed to be agile and sleek to escape predators--not to mention fast!

"I'm Shikamaru," was his late response and he sort of scolded himself for not speaking sooner.

Taking in the air around him slightly with a non - audible sniff, the redhead cocked his head to the side, looking a little confused.

"You are...aroused, Shikamaru."

Swallowing, the teen looked sort of guilty as his tanned cheeks darkened because of his blush. Yeah, he was, but god! Why was Chouji looking at him like that? He seemed curious, yet confused at the same time. Maybe he had never mated with another fish before?

"I haven't..."

Shikamaru froze for a moment. Had Chouji just read his mind?! The guy was just full of surprises...

"Maybe I could learn you the human ways of mating?"

The taller male couldn't stop the words coming from his mouth even if he had wanted to; he couldn't deny himself this chance. He idly considered Chouji a treat of sorts for having left his warm bed to fish. Besides, he had "technically" caught a fish...

With his curiosity getting the better of him, Chouji moved a ways away from the riverbank before Shikamaru pounced on him, placing the feeling of butterfly kisses on his warming skin. Maybe the humans weren't as bad he had been told they'd be...
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