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Lazy Days

A Shikamaru and Chouji Community

1/22/14 10:47 pm - tj_dragonblade - [Fic] Bountiful

Title: Bountiful
Author: TJ Dragonblade
Pairing: ChouShika
Rated: 18+
Word Count: ~1400
Warnings: Explicit M/M sex

Summary: Shikamaru likes Chouji exactly as he is

NSFW: (On LJ) ~ (On AO3)

2/6/13 09:30 pm - tj_dragonblade - Untitled Ficlet

Title: (untitled)
Author: TJ Dragonblade
Pairing: ChouShika
Rated: 11+
Warnings: M/M

Roughly 300 words of Shikamaru trying not to think too much; worksafe: (On LJ) ~ (On AO3)

7/18/12 05:59 pm - tj_dragonblade - Art Recs

entitys drew a whole bunch of Chouji and Chou/Shika pics last summer, ranging from completely innocent to extremely explicit and has recently posted the finished color versions in his LJ. Check them out! This pair can always use more love. ^_^

Worksafe - Want One?

NSFW - Happy Birthday, Chouji

Mostly SFW - Bath Scene Redux

Not Quite SFW - Skinny Dipping and Held

NSFW - Potent (colored)

5/10/11 11:11 pm - tj_dragonblade - Link to Fics and Art

Quick de-lurking post to pimp a friend's work. There are three fics and two pics. The first two fics I've linked here before, but the third is new (and wonderfully smutty!) and so are both pics.

The post is here - enjoy!

3/16/11 05:19 pm - tj_dragonblade - Ficrec

Lurker here, checking in with a quick fic-rec:
Initiative, by entitys
A small, worksafe ficlet wherein Chouji realizes that he'll have to make the first move if he wants to take his friendship with Shikamaru deeper.  Sequel to 'Perception', which is linked at the top of the fic.


8/5/10 12:10 pm - elofan80 - What Fairytale Fanfi would be appoirate for this couple?

Beauty & The Beast? Aladdin?Frog Prince? Little Mermaid? Any other suggestions?

11/3/09 11:36 am - kankuchou


Author: kankuchou
Series: Naruto
Pairing: Shikamaru/Chouji
Genre: Romance
Word Count: ???
Progress: Complete.
Notes: AU. Shikamaru meets an inspiring runner who steals his heart at first glance when his sensei takes him down to the track to meet his little trackstar.

Potential Trackstar!ChoujiCollapse )

11/2/09 08:50 pm - kankuchou - Glorious Torture

Shikamaru loves torturing Chouji. . .Collapse )

11/2/09 12:40 pm - faorism - Bothersome Costumes

Bothersome Costumes

: fallen-angel-of-repression
Series: Naruto
Pairing: Choji/Shikamura
Genre: Romance/FLUFF
Word Count: 303
Progress: Complete.
Notes: K+. For the following: [info]queershinobi100 (minifest: All Hallow's Eve 2009); [info]52_flavours (prompt: 22- Charisma: a form of voodoo ).

Summary: What is Halloween about?

10/14/09 05:47 pm - kankuchou - Fishin'

a fisherman and his fishCollapse )
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