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Lazy Days

A Shikamaru and Chouji Community

9/23/09 06:16 pm - kankuchou


His ears burned red as he continued to taste his best friend...Collapse )

9/16/09 10:38 pm - rain2night - I love you too

Hi, this is my first time posting in this community, so throw all critism at me so that I can get better at this. Usually, I write gaalee, but I love these two too.

Chouji, like always, is hungry. Shikamaru, unlike always, is hungry as well. What Chouji doesn't know, is that Shikamaru is hungry for something else entirely...

9/14/09 07:19 pm - kankuchou - Afterthoughts

Please...Read...Collapse )

9/14/09 07:13 pm - kankuchou - ENOUGH

His eyes were beautifully tawny irises, a perfect mixture of...Collapse )

9/14/09 07:07 pm - kankuchou - A Most Succulent Snack


Read More PleaseCollapse )

9/5/09 02:22 pm - faorism - A New Drabble Community!

Like drabble communities?

Like yaoi and/or yuri?

Love Naruto?

Well, I just created a community entitled [info]queershinobi100. This community is a place to play with your shippings on a weekly basis. I would love to see some Shika/Chouji being featured, so hop on over. There will be a new challenge every seven days (hopefully). Have fun, be creative, and drabble!

The first challenge will be posted tomorrow, Sunday September 6, 2009.

Tell your friends about this fledgling community. I hope to have this community last, so any word-of-mouth support would help~!


7/27/09 10:12 am - laststretchspam - [ls]

Everyone has a place on this hectic planet. Is your place here?Collapse )

6/28/09 12:17 am - kankuchou - Devour Your S O U L


Be Careful With What You 'Wish' ForCollapse )


Be Careful With What You 'Wish' ForCollapse )

6/27/09 12:26 pm - kankuchou - B O L D (drabble)


He had never felt so turned on in his entire lifeCollapse )

6/24/09 08:01 pm - tj_dragonblade - [FicRec] To Perceive

Lurker here, checking in with a quick fic-rec:

To Perceive, by entitys
A small, worksafe ficlet wherein Shikamaru realizes a thing or two. A nice little read, especially since ShikaChou fic is so sparse. ^_^

Also, if anyone can tell me who the artist is behind the pic in my icon so I can give proper credit, I'd be entirely grateful.

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