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Glorious Torture

Dark, narrow eyes watched as a slim blond made his way towards a sqeauling, pupiless eyed blonde who instantly cuddled up to him, wrapping her arms around his slim frame as her blue eyes lit with happiness. To say that Yamanaka Ino was happy that Tsunade had decreed that Chouji's usage of the Akimichi Clan Pills had now guaranteed him staying slim which also meant no more Akimichi Clan jutstus was an understatement; she was ecstatic! His peach-skinned body was lithe, now comparable to all of the other Rookie Nine in Kohonakagure. With sinewy arms, a flat stomach, and slender legs, Ino now dubbed her teammate "the sexiest Akimichi alive" after having formally dubbed him "tubby" for so many years; it was life changing experience for for the blonde who would normally look at him with slight disgust because of his eating habits.

Everything would be perfect in the blond's little world if only Shikamaru would stop glaring at her like she had taken away his hairband.

Seriously, what had she done to the lazy ass?

Shikamaru scowled lightly as Ino continued to hug Chouji as though he knew what was really going on in that head of hers and he did. 

She wanted Chouji like she had wanted Sasuke, that is until he got together with Naruto. . .

A sly smirk  slid onto his face when he thought about just who actually had who wrapped around whose finger. Chouji would surely be punished for letting that troublesome woman hang all over him like a particularly outrageous tie.


"Nnn. . ."

"Maybe here?"

"Aahhh. . ."

"How about here?"


"Then. . . What about right here?"

"AH! Don't. . ."

Tanned, slim fingers continued to tweak and play softly with the hardened, pink nubs that were Chouji's nipples as he lay bent over the teen, both fully clothed, well, one was fully clothed. . .  

"NNN! Stop! Please...stop, Shikamaru..."

Laboured pants left the blond's mouth as his dark eyes stared ahead at the darker haired male's headboard inwardly hoping that the torture was finally over for Shikamaru had halted his actions.

"I don't like how she looks at you and how she touches you," Shikamaru murmured as his narrowed eyes closed. "That grope was no accident..." Really, when was a grope ever an accident?

"I - I won't let her touch me like that anymore now please. . ."

"Please what?"


"This - This outfit!!"

Shikamaru chuckled.

Chouji was dressed in a simple black, spiked leather chocker and a pair of black leather shorts that covered his ass and nothing more; basically, his upper half and slender legs were bare.

"I like it. . ."

Swirled cheeks turned pink at the comment.

"Now, take off those shorts. . ."

"Wha - wha--NO!"

"I guess we're going to have to do this the hard way then. . ."

Chouji gulped and sqeauked when he was jerked onto his back. Shikamaru already knew how he felt about sex so why was he pushing his luck?!

Licking his lips with a devious expression painted on his face, the sixteen year old leaned forward and introduced his mouth to the blond's soft skin.

The genius had already forseen the blond's downfall the moment he walked into his bedroom in that lovely outifit. . .combined with Shikamaru's mouth being his one true weakness, Chouji was doomed to a gloriously wonderful torture.
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